Monday, February 29, 2016

Manning Should Retire

Manning has a rare opportunity to go out on top (
Amid reports that the Denver Broncos are preparing to move on without its Super Bowl winning quarterback (welcome back, Brock Osweiler), who plans to retire by week's end, I'd like to urge Peyton Manning to please do so. After what he just did, winning his second Super Bowl at age 39, he has nothing left to prove*.

*Except, maybe, that he didn't use HGH or sexually assault one of his female college trainers, but those are things that can't be proven on the gridiron. 

Seriously, what else is there left to achieve? He's thrown more yards and touchdowns than anybody. He's won five MVPs, all of them deserved. Then, he capped it all off by beating a heavily favored Panthers team in Super Bowl 50. It was the storybook ending that most athletes only dream of. Tacking on another chapter would only spoil it.

So please, Mr. Manning, go home, spend time with your family, figure out what your next move is (something tells me you'd be great on TV), and drink all the Budweiser you want. You've earned it.

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