Monday, April 23, 2012

MLB All Decade Team 1900s

Bear with me, for the Dead Ball era is not my area of expertise.  Please call me out if I've made some glaring omission

C Roger Bresnahan
1B Frank Chance
2B Nap Lajoie
3B Jimmy Collins
SS Honus Wagner
OF Ty Cobb
OF Roy Thomas
OF Willie Keeler
U Buck Freeman
RHP Cy Young
LHP Eddie Plank


  1. Enjoying your posts, including your all-decade teams.
    Except for the OF, your choices are extremely solid (although Mathewson & Waddell cound make strong cases over Young & Plank).
    I would suggest an OF of Sam Crawford, Fred Clarke, and Elmer Flick.
    Crawford is a 'glaring omission' to use your term. Among OF with min 2,000 PA, Wahoo Sam was 1st in WAR, H, HR, RBI; 3rd in SLG; 4th in OPS; and 9th in BA.
    Clarke & Flick were each Top Ten in virtually every offensive category.
    Cobb only played half the decade, although he did have a HUGE impact in those 5 years.
    Keeler's career was great, but in decline by the back half of the 1900s.
    My thoughts.
    Thanks for your entries, Tyler!

  2. Thanks Joe! I'm admittedly not as knowledgeable about pre-live ball era history as I should be. Clearly you know a lot more than I do hehe