Monday, July 14, 2014

2014 AL All-Star Starting Lineup

Jeter will hit leadoff in his final All-Star Game (WallBeta)
The All-Star starting lineups were announced today. John Farrell's lineup skews righthanded with eight of the nine batting from the right side. But seeing as how Target Field favors righty power hitters more than it does southpaws, that could be a good thing for the American League if someone can get a hold of one of Adam Wainwright's pitches.

1. SS Derek Jeter--The future Hall of Famer's hitting leadoff so as to maximize his plate appearances and standing ovation from the crowd. Still, I feel like it'd be more fitting for Jeets to bat second (where he's always hit) and let Trout lead off. If the game truly mattered he'd bat ninth no question.

2. LF Mike Trout--Like I said, Trout should be leading off because of his amazing speed and on-base skills, but he'll be fine hitting second where he's spent more time than at any other place in the order during his career.

3. 2B Robinson Cano--Not sure how I feel about batting somebody on pace for 13 homers third in an All-Star Game, but he is hitting .334 so I guess I can't complain too much.

4. 1B Miguel Cabrera--Can't do much better than batting the two-time defending league MVP and baseball's top RBI man cleanup.

5. RF Jose Bautista--Joey Bats should be batting third in front of Cabrera because of his awesome on-base ability.

6. DH Nelson Cruz--Following one great slugger with another.

7. CF Adam Jones--An intriguing option at seventh, Jones can hit for average (.301 this year) and power (16 homers) but doesn't excel at getting on base (.324 OBP)

8. 3B Josh Donaldson--Lots of power at eighth with Donaldson, whose 20 home runs and 65 RBI are tops among major league third basemen.

9. C Salvador Perez--Kansas City's catcher is the worst hitter in the starting nine not named Jeter, but you can't bat Jeter ninth so it has to be Perez. You could do a lot worse for a number nine hitter though, as Perez possesses power (11 dingers), hits for a solid average (.283) and gets on base nearly one-third of the time.

SP Felix Hernandez--The King is having a season worthy of his second Cy Young award. Part of me would rather see Yu Darvish or Masahiro Tanaka, but I'll gladly "settle" for Hernandez anyday.

Here's how I would have set my lineup if I were Farrell:

1. Trout
2. Jeter
3. Bautista
4. Cabrera
5. Cruz
6. Cano
7. Jones
8. Donaldson
9. Perez

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