Friday, June 5, 2015

De Aza Trade Dumb

De Aza doesn't make the Red Sox better. If anything, he makes them worse (CBS Boston)
Ben Cherington has made quite a few questionable moves in his four seasons as general manager of the Boston Red Sox, but his recent trade for Alejandro De Aza is one I just can't wrap my head around.

The Red Sox, last in the AL East and second-to-last in the American League, need a lot of things. They've needed starting pitching help for months, could probably use another reliever to solidify the bullpen, and would likely be better off with a new hitting coach (sorry, Chili Davis). One thing they definitely didn't need was another outfielder, especially a thirtysomething one who can't hit. De Aza, 31, has a .636 OPS and -0.1 bWAR this year in a part-time role with the Baltimore Orioles.

Why is this a player that Cherington not only wanted, but went out and got? De Aza can't hit, run, or field, and he's on the wrong side of 30. He's a platoon-only player at this stage of his career, as he's completely incompetent against lefties (0-for-14 versus southpaws this year). He's not inexpensive either, as he's owed over $3 million for the remainder of the season.

What makes this trade even more confusing is that the Red Sox have been trying to figure out what to do with their abundance of outfielders for months. Now they have another one to worry about. Joe Maddon would probably find a way to get something out of De Aza, but John Farrell definitely won't.

I just don't get it, Ben. Your team's in last place, last freaking place, and this is the kind of move you make? Do you honestly think you're going to be a better team with De Aza than without him? Because the stats say you aren't. In fact, you're probably worse. What's the point? Why even bother?

You need to be thinking bigger. Much bigger. Like, Cole Hamels kind of bigger. There's still plenty of time to save your season, but you're not going to do it by bringing in the Alejandro De Azas of the world. Work out a trade for an impact player, preferably someone who can take the ball every fifth day and not get lit up every other start. Identify a hole--your team has plenty of those--and plug it. Don't waste time fixing the sideview mirror when your car's completely totaled.

Because De Aza won't make an ounce of difference for your team this year. So please, find somebody who will.


  1. De Aza was relatively cheap and a bit more athletic. Nava and Vic are on the DL. Simple.

  2. I'd rather give JBJ those at-bats in the hopes he finally learns how to hit