Monday, April 16, 2012

MLB All Decade Team 1990s

C Mike Piazza over Ivan Rodriguez
1B Jeff Bagwell very close with Mark McGwire, Mo VaughnRafael Palmeiro, and Fred McGriff
2B Roberto Alomar Edges out Craig Biggio, and I actually gave Chuck Knoblauch some thought here
3B Chipper Jones
SS Barry Larkin Tough call between him and Cal Ripken Jr.
OF Ken Griffey Jr.
OF Barry Bonds
OF Albert Belle Gets the nod over Tony GwynnSammy Sosa, and Kenny Lofton
DH Edgar Martinez
RHP Greg Maddux also considered Roger ClemensPedro Martinez, John Smoltz, and Kevin Brown
LHP Tom Glavine Over Randy Johnson
CL Dennis Eckersley


  1. That's a damn good team. Not happy to see Bonds make it in two decades, but this is more likely the clean decade. You'd have room for both Manny and Vlad in 2000s if you booted him, his cream and his clear off of that squad.

  2. Yeah I just couldn't deny his numbers from 2000 through '04, no matter how enhanced they were.

  3. Agree but think you should have had Pedro where Clemens is. He and Maddux were the best. Bagwell was a much better all-around player than Frank Thomas so I'd take him as well. Love that you picked Belle, Larkin and Chipper Jones.

  4. Pedro didn't become an elite pitcher until 1997. In his first five seasons ('92-'96) he had a 3.39 ERA, 1.17 WHIP and 124 ERA+, very good but nothing special. Throughout the whole decade Clemens (3 Cy Youngs) and Maddux (4) were better.

    I'm amazed that Belle doesn't get more respect. He was the Ralph Kiner of modern times and belongs in the Hall of Fame.

  5. Great names. I only disagree with Piazza over Pudge and not having Pedro with Maddux. Screw the lefthanded starter if Pedro is left off due to having one. You had the balls to choose Belle, Bagwell, and Larkin over guys who were never as good especially in that decade.

    Did you consider Paul Molitor at DH over Edgar Martinez? Though Martinez is clearly the best DH ever, people tend to overlook how awesome Paul Molitor playing DH. Again, good list.

  6. Should be Biggio over Alomar.

    Ventura at third. C. Jones barely played in 1993 and not at all in 1994 so you're talking about 1995 for the start of C. Jones career.

    Again, Lf, Cf, Rf, Bonds, Griffey jr. and L. Walker.

    Clemens or Maddux flip a coin, R. Johnson, Glavine, flip a coin.

  7. I don't know what Yankee lovin' league you follow boy, but there sure are a lot of colored ball players on a list about the '90's! How does such a list not have Cap Anson, King Kelly and Ol' Nap Lajoie?!? PHOOEY to that!! Wait, which '90's is this? Well regardless, too many colored boys..... Now, I need to go home, cause I'm confused and cold..... a little scared.....slightly wistful..... but mostly just horny....