Saturday, April 20, 2013

10 Baseball Movies That Need to be Made

The '67 Sox shocked the world by winning the American League pennant
Now that Jackie Robinson's story has finally been brought to the big screen, here are some more baseball stories that would make great movies:

  1. Joe DiMaggio: The 56-game hitting streak seems like a good place to start
  2. Ted Williams: There's so much cinematic gold here (batting .400, Korean War combat missions, homering in his final at-bat) it's not even funny
  3. Summer of '49: Great source material with David Halberstam's book. The same could also be said about "The Teammates" and "October 1964"
  4. The 1967 Red Sox: Everything about the "Impossible Dream" team screams Hollywood
  5. The Miracle Mets: Ditto
  6. Roberto Clemente: Follow his quest to 3,000 hits and tragic death
  7. 1975 World Series: The greatest Fall Classic of all time deserves a movie
  8. 1978 Red Sox-Yankees rivalry: Could work as a miniseries, maybe follow-up "The Bronx is Burning"
  9. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa: Would love to see a movie made about the 1998 home run race. It can be the sort-of sequel to "61*" the same way "This is 40" was a sort-of sequel to "Knocked Up"
  10. Daniel Nava: The baseball equivalent of "Rudy"
Other ideas: 1951 Dodgers-Giants, Josh Hamilton's fall and rise, Mark Fidrych's rookie season, Sandy Koufax's dominance/retirement, Hank Aaron breaking Babe Ruth's record, Bill Buckner and 1986 World Series, Ichiro Suzuki coming to America and leading Seattle to 116 wins, Tony Conigliaro


  1. Good list of potential movies. I guess the movie "Chasing 3000" doesn't really count as per suggestion #6. It had a great premise but fell dreadfully flat.

  2. Great list. From what you've written, I'd want to see the 1998 McGwire/Sosa HR chase, shown in the context of the steroid era, how it emerged, and its effect on baseball. The Hank Aaron story would be great, as well.