Wednesday, April 10, 2013

9 Takeaways From Red Sox Strong Start

  1. Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz are back to 2010 form
  2. Jackie Bradley Jr. isn't a superstar just yet, but he's a capable big league ballplayer
  3. Jose Iglesias isn't totally helpless with a bat in his hands
  4. The bullpen is great, especially with Andrew Bailey setting up Joel Hanrahan  
  5. Will Middlebrooks is legit
  6. Shane Victorino is still an All-Star caliber outfielder
  7. Mike Napoli's hip condition does not seem to be hampering his power, but when is he going to work a walk?
  8. Jacoby Ellsbury is doing what he knows how to do best: steal bases
  9. John Farrell--the anti-Bobby Valentine in every way--was the perfect man for the job

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