Sunday, August 11, 2013

25 Bold(ish) Predictions for the Rest of the Season

  1.  Chris Davis won't get to 60 home runs, but he'll clear 50 easily 
  2. The Reds and Cardinals will both pass the Pirates in the NL Central standings
  3. Every member of the Red Sox starting lineup winds up with at least 10 home runs, and 11 Red Sox reach double digits overall
  4. R.A. Dickey will be the only Blue Jays starter with a winning record
  5. Matt Holliday gets his batting average up over .300
  6. So will Robinson Cano...
  7. ....And Dustin Pedroia
  8. Both AL Wild Card teams will come out of the AL East
  9. Somebody besides Giancarlo Stanton leads the Miami Marlins in home runs
  10. Jon Lester finishes with a better ERA than Felix Doubront
  11. The Nationals improve and win more games than they lose
  12. Prince Fielder fails to bat his weight
  13. Adam Wainwright ends up with the same amount of walks as starts
  14. Paul Goldschmidt isn't the top RBI man in the NL when the dust settles
  15. The Orioles will once again win over 90 games despite only having one starter win more than a dozen decisions
  16. The Colorado Rockies, currently third place in the NL West, will finish dead last
  17. Domonic Brown finishes with more home runs than Chase Utley and Ryan Howard combined
  18. Michael Bourn ends the year with more RBI than Nick Swisher. Both have 35.
  19. CC Sabathia will lead the Yankees in losses
  20. Ian Kennedy's ERA will be at least two runs lower with San Diego than it was with Arizona
  21. Carlos Gonzalez will go 30/30 for the first time
  22. David Wright won't catch teammate Marlon Byrd either both home runs or RBI
  23. Max Scherzer will throw a no-hitter
  24. The White Sox lose more games than the Marlins from this point forward
  25. Raul Ibanez sets a career high in home runs at the ripe old age of 41

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