Sunday, February 3, 2013

13 Super Bowl Predictions

  1. There is a missed field goal (looking at you, David Akers)
  2. Frank Gore rushes for a touchdown (or two)
  3. Joe Flacco unleashes a TD pass longer than 50 yards
  4. Ray Lewis's career ends with a whimper when he doesn't find the end zone and is held below 50 rushing yards
  5. Ray Rice, on the other hand, has a huge game 
  6. Colin Kaepernick does it in the air and on the ground, racking up multiple touchdowns and more than 300 all-purpose yards in the process
  7. Beyonce kills it during the halftime show, and Jay-Z makes an appearance as well
  8. The ads won't be that funny
  9. There is a surprising amount of offense for what is supposed to be a battle between two of the NFL's top defenses
  10. Randy Moss does not record a catch
  11. Bernard Pollard gets hurt and justice is served (for Patriots fans, at least)
  12. Michael Oher doesn't have any penalties called on him
  13. The 49ers win

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