Monday, November 11, 2013

Expansion Era Ballot: Executives

Last but not least, the two executives up for election:

George Steinbrenner YES
When Steinbrenner purchased the Yankees in the winter of 1973, the organization was in a rut. Not only had they slipped into mediocrity, but they were also playing second fiddle to the Mets in the Big Apple. That quickly changed under Steinbrenner, who opened up his pocketbook and helped the Yanks reclaim their status among baseball's elite. They made 19 playoff appearances, won 11 pennants and captured seven World Series titles in his 37 years of ownership. One can argue that his over-zealousness in pursuing pricey free agents was bad for baseball, but that certainly didn't have much of a negative effect on the Bombers.

Marvin Miller YES
Miller should have been elected into the Hall of Fame long ago.

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