Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hall of Five

Joe Posnanski writes about the baseball Hall of Fame an awful lot, and recently he blogged about what he called the "Hall of Five." The question he posed was this: if you only had room in the Hall of Fame for five people, who would you choose? It's a tough question for sure. I've been thinking about this lately and while I'm still not 100 percent certain who belongs, here are my five (in no order):

1. Babe Ruth--The most famous ballplayer of all-time
2. Ty Cobb--Set a dizzying number of records and was more highly regarded than Ruth by many people
3. Willie Mays--Best all-around player
4. Ted Williams--Best hitter who ever lived
5. Walter Johnson--Apologies to Cy Young, Sandy Koufax, and Roger Clemens, but the "Big Train" was the best pitcher of all-time

I think these are the five best baseball players of all-time as well as five of the most famous. That combination makes them ideal Hall of Famers in my book.

I gave a lot of thought to Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Stan Musial, and Lou Gehrig as well.


  1. Barry Bonds is a top 5 player and its not close.

    brb 7 MVPS
    brb home run king
    brb 1.4+ OPS in single season
    brb 1.0+ OPS career

  2. Yeah I originally had him in there and Williams out, but since most of the numbers that would land him there were produced under the cloud of PED suspicion I opted for Teddy Ballgame instead.

  3. Bonds was a cheat. Nothing unusual about a player peaking at 37.