Friday, February 21, 2014

Capuano Comes to Boston

Capuano is a cost-effective addition to Boston's bullpen
With Ryan Dempster deciding not to return for the 2014 season, the Red Sox were left scrambling for a last-minute replacement. They found a pretty good one yesterday in Chris Capuano, a former All-Star who settled for just $2.25 million in guaranteed money. That's $11 million less than Dempster, which means Boston could still make a play for Stephen Drew.

At this stage in their careers, Dempster and Capuano are pretty much the same pitcher: decent innings eaters who can still strike guys out. Dempster's been more durable and better at missing bats, but Capuano walks fewer hitters and has better command, so the case could certainly be made for the latter, especially since he's also a lefty and over a year younger.

I'm sure Capuano will miss Dodger Stadium and National League competition, but the Massachusetts native should be a capable replacement for Dempster and a solid addition to an already-great Red Sox pitching staff.

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